Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Well...I hope I don't s**t my pants!"

Poni and I have been getting to know each other really, REALLY well. After five days of "loose movement" we finally took a trip to the doctor's office for meds to save us from the seemingly worsening case of the runs we had both contracted via Mahesh Prasad or Shiva Prasad or some other prasad where the seedy men in the kitchen don't ever wash their hands, I'd bet. this is the fourth? fifth? time I've contracted some super annoying illness from this godforsaken land of filth where everything is literally covered in poo. We ran out of t.p. after a couple of days, and while I have gotten quite used to, and fond of, the faucet-and-hand cleanse method, Poni started having dreams of toilet paper, so we made a point to stock up. we have been laughing as much as we can about it, though. Poni is a perfect roommate and partner specimen. We take turns doing the dishes or the laundry, reminding each other to take our tablets, making tea for each other, driving the scooter.

We have spent several days at the pool since his arrival, and every time I spend any time in the sun, it laughingly points out whatever minuscule piece of skin I've left un-screened. The bikini Poni gave me features a little skull and crossbones charm that dangles over my belly...and now i have a tiny skull and crossbones patterned seared in to my skin. I have never been so freakin' tan in my life.

India has made me a bubble person. I haven't let anyone close to me in four months, and not necessarily because i don't want anyone to touch's just not what people do here. It has taken a bit time for me to get used to having any human contact whatsoever, let alone a full-time mate. But I am happily getting acclimated, and Poni is sensitive to my bubble moods, allowing me plenty of space when I seem to need it.

Nearly two weeks have flow by since his arrival, and we are already thinking seriously about buying train tickets and mapping out our travel route. I am excited to get out of Mysore. Though I really love it here, I am itching to see more of India. Especially the beach.

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  1. Hi my darling! I am in Seattle and missing you! Advice from my father is don't even drink the bottled water if you want to avoid getting sick, because some people will fill it with tap water and just glue the tops back on to make it seem sealed. You probably know this already, but in case you didn't, thought I'd let you know.
    Post lots of photos!