Friday, December 4, 2009

Little Updates.

I have started a new journal after quickly filling the most recent one in under six weeks. Here is an excerpt from my first entry, dated today:

"Where does control end and compulsion begin? Or visa versa? Where does rest end and laziness begin? How does one live in the moment in bliss and not so much in contemplation? How does one survive without lists?"

Today the Guruji gave me a Mudra that will cure constipation and any "diseases of the anus", which is actually just sitting in lotus position and clenching and unclenching my ass for a while. Yesterday he told me that someday, when I find someone who will show me how to drink water with my nose, I should buy a drum to stand in, fill it with water, and drink water from within it every morning thereafter. But only if I find someone who will demonstrate drinking the water with his/her nose before teaching me, because if I get water down the wrong pipe, I will get cancer.

The street boys circled me with their bikes at about nine PM the other night while I was walking only a couple blocks to my house. They started to hiss pervy things at me before snatching at my breasts. So I slammed into one of them really hard, knocking him and his bike down before standing over him with my pointed finger in his face and fire in my eyes. They panicked and ran away.

I met a lady with the same problem of hyper-hydrosis (really, really sweaty hands and feet) the other day. She is from Montreal and I think we will be good friends.

There are bugs all over this computer, so I'm leaving this blog entry as is and going home to my house where my only roommates so far are sizable cockroaches

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