Thursday, October 15, 2009

From Yesterday But the Computer Froze

Yesterday I said I didn’t trust a soul here. I would like to amend that comment. I don’t trust what people say, but I trust them to be good people. I have started lying right back to them, and though it feels weird, it also feels right. Stealing and lying are completely different things here. I still don’t understand completely, but I have a better idea now.

Mysore seems much cleaner and sleepier than Bangalore, and there much fewer people begging, which means I can sit down somewhere in public and not get accosted immediately. Maybe some cell phone pictures taken of me and certainly some staring, (why doesn’t anyone in the states know how much of a celebrity I am like they do here?) but nothing so intense to send me back to my hotel room to cower.

And the food! Ah the food and chai! Raevi, my rickshaw driver friend, who has now chauffeured me around at no specified cost for two days now (though I have made a point to give him money) has taken me to several amazing restaurants and has shown me the proper way to eat things. This morning (after waking up at the crack of dawn to take me to and from my yoga class) he took me in his amazing old circa 1950’s vehicle to a couple of temples and a couple Mysore lookout points to take pictures. We have plans to celebrate Diwali with his family on Saturday and we will go to the horse racing derby on Sunday. I think he will be a good friend while I am here.

I have taken two yoga classes so far. One at the Mysore Mandala, which was my initial choice for study, but I have decided instead to study under BNS of the other yoga legends residing in Mysore. The Guruji is not in town until Friday, but after having practiced with a few of his students this morning in his rickety old Indian yoga shala, I have a VERY good feeling and have committed to practicing with him despite his absence. Go, instincts, go!

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