Thursday, October 15, 2009

Indian Fashion, Yoga, and Crazy Dreams

The other day I picked up an Indian Marie Claire to look at while having tea. The Indian fashion industry is completely completely inspiring! I have decided to take David's advice and buy heaps of silk to send home, and possible convince one of the many tailors here to give me some sewing tips. It is typical here to simply pick out fabric and have them make it for you that same day, and the sewing is impeccable! The salwar kameez I am wearing so insanely beautiful I am afraid to wear it out, but feel more comfortable in it than in my western wear. People stare at me a little bit less...I think.

I have been sleeping a lot. I get so tired from the heat and the intensity that I have been passing out super early and having all sorts of dreams that I remember vividly. I usually don't remember my dreams, but I can remember at least four dreams from last night. I dreamt of old lovers and heartbreak, of cartoons I was making up (I awoke laughing), that all of my childhood friends were plotting to kill me...I even dreamt that my yoga teacher Troy was scolding me for irritating the guruji. I feel like butter turning to ghee. I awake with all of my gunk having risen to the surface, and then I go do my practice and sweat it all off. My savasana this morning was the deepest I'd ever felt. I fell into this scary powerful place in my heart and let it consume me. I came out of it realizing everyone else had finished and left the room a while before me.

I am in a different hotel now, and will be in it for about a week, until my room opens up at the place where all of the other students of Iyengar are staying. Kanchen, the woman who runs the homestay situations, is very beautiful and kind and also teaches yoga...but to little kids! I am excited to get to know her better.

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  1. sounds like good shit! i never realized you were such a good writer. anyways dont worry about anything stuoid and have a great time!
    love you