Friday, October 16, 2009

New Friend

Today I discovered where all of the Western yoga students have been hiding. And where all of the fresh (as in not cooked) meals are served. I have had way too many Dosas and Idlis already…

I made friends with a guy who is staying in the yoga shala where I will be living next week. His name is Guilluame, and he is a French model/actor/dancer/yoga teacher/ scorpio firecracker. He showed me all of the yoga student hot spots in the area, and has rented a scooter like the one I had in the states. He is going to let me rent it from him when I need it, and I will possibly be taking it off his hands when he leaves in two weeks. He and I played ukulele together and then rode the scooter to a five star hotel in the area to go swimming with one of the other yoga students. He also gave me an in-depth tour of the shala (which is basically an ashram, now). It is so peaceful and simple and beautiful. I can’t wait to move in.


  1. sounds like you are definitely finding your bliss! Go Wren!!